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Mention design is a creative studio with a focus on cost effective and efficient magazine design solutions for local authorities.


We specialise in working with local government, and help to create high quality design solutions within budget constraints.

With over 16 years experience, and are passionate about delivering great work that will exceed your expectations, which we have been doing for our client’s since we founded Mention in 2007.

We love creating print and digital design solutions that help councils communicate and update their resident’s, and for over 10 years we’ve produced resident’s magazines for a London Borough and a Buckinghamshire council.

Ten years of cost cutting has deeply affected local authorities budgets, and so we have helped to advise on ways of making publications more cost effective and efficient over the years, and always work with our clients to help them meet their budget constraints – but still strive to maintain our high standards and quality at the same time.

Print Design

  • Creative design & layout
  • Artwork for print services
  • Resident’s magazines & publications
  • Adverts, leaflets, brochures, inserts, booklets
  • Retouching, image editing and colour correction

Digital design & development

  • Web design (UX/UI)
  • HTML email templates
  • Prototypes / interaction design
  • Web development services: coding, HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS
  • Content management systems: 
Craft CMS and WordPress

Case study

Ealing London Borough Council

Ealing is a large London Borough with a diverse and dynamic population, and this is reflected in the product design of Ealing’s resident’s magazine – Around Ealing.

Mention began designing Around Ealing back in 2007, and in 2011 we were tasked with a full redesign to a smaller format to help make it more cost effective to print for the Ealing residents. The redesign was so successful that it was awarded Best Design in the penultimate Good Communication Awards, and then Highly Commended for Best Design in 2012 also.

The magazine has evolved over the years with refreshed designs, and varying frequency of publishing and size. Currently the magazine is produced six times a year and has a large distribution of 138,000 copies per issue.

  • Around Ealing June 2017
  • Around Ealing Spring 2017
  • Around Ealing Winter 2016/17
  • Around Ealing February 2013
  • Around Ealing March 2014
  • Around Ealing Autumn 2011

In 2016 Mention built and designed a new digital presence for the magazine – Ealing News Extra. This blog site is used for promoting the magazine with extra articles and features, as well as selling advertising space.

Mention has also built and designed micro sites for various council departments, using varying content management systems, and is used to working to tight deadlines and budget constraints.

As well as designing and building the HTML email template for weekly internal communication staff emails (Inside Ealing) used within Ealing Council, which was so successful that the template was modified and rebuilt by Mention for other council departments also.

Ealing Logo


David has been integral to the success of the magazine. The relationship between design and content is critical to good story-telling but also to creating a ‘brand’ and tone for a product, and David understands this and has always been great to work with. I have always found him utterly reliable, fast-working and flexible. His creative thinking, meticulousness, and the level of detailed technical knowledge he possesses are a fantastic combination.

Rich Nadal
Editor – Around Ealing

Case study

Wycombe District Council

Wycombe is a busy market town in surrounded by a vibrant district, and Wycombe District Times has a distribution of 70,000.

The editor contacted us 5 years ago wanting a redesign of the magazine, and a new approach. She was under tight budget pressures due to austerity cuts, but wanted to maintain the quality of the resident’s magazine despite the cuts, and had been impressed with Mentions work on Around Ealing magazine for Ealing Council – which had won the award for best designed council magazine the previous year.

So we worked closely with the editor and came up with a templated approach, using a 12 column grid, that would give the layouts more flexibility and variety, but also help make the layouts quicker to produce and so keep costs down.

  • Wycombe District Times Spring 2017
  • Wycombe District Times Winter 2016
  • Wycombe District Times Summer 2016
  • Wycombe District Times Spring 2016
  • Wycombe District Times Winter 2015
  • Wycombe District Times Summer 2015
Wycombe Logo

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